Pack Carefully to Store Seasonal Items Between Use

Holiday decorations, swimming supplies, skis, and more are all seasonal items that need to be stored somewhere when it’s not the right season. Homeowners who want to store these items outside of their home will want to look into the Storage Units in Brooklyn. When they rent a storage unit, it’s going to be important to make sure they carefully pack everything.

Use Smaller Boxes When Possible

Large boxes can fit a lot, but they get heavy very quickly. When it’s possible, the person should use smaller boxes. They don’t hold as much, but that does mean they’re not going to be as heavy or as likely to break. Using vertical storage makes it possible to fit more in the storage unit, and using smaller boxes means it’s not dangerous to stack them a little bit higher.

Label All Boxes With the Contents

When a box is packed, it should include items that are related. It should also be labeled with what’s inside. A general label can help the person in many cases, but it’s going to be better to be more specific and list everything that is in the box to make sure they can find what they need easily and quickly. The label should be easy to read and should be on one of the sides so it can be easy to see when the boxes are stacked properly.

Stack in Storage Unit Carefully

In the storage unit, the person will want to make sure they carefully stack all of the boxes. Heavier boxes should go on the bottom with boxes that are lighter or that have delicate items on the top. If possible, it’s a good idea to leave a small aisle free in the middle so they can reach all of the boxes easily. The boxes should be stacked so the labels are easy to read.

If you have seasonal items you need to store, make sure you take the time to check out the Storage Units in Bronx. Once you have a storage unit, you can use the tips above to carefully pack everything from the last season so you can find it easily when you’re ready for them again.


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